Karen Belz
Updated Feb 03, 2017 @ 6:27 am
Credit: NBC

As the quote goes, nothing in life is certain except for death and taxes. Oh, and Jimmy Fallon’s adorable puppies predicting the Super Bowl results on The Tonight Show. Every year, Fallon unleashes the most adorable pups in a segment called “Puppy Predictors.” They might not always be right, but at least they’re warm and cuddly.

This year, the Atlanta Falcons will be competiing against the New England Patriots. Hopefully, you’ve already got your chips and dip ready to watch the big event (or at least the commercials.)

Here’s how it all works. Fallon brings nine puppies on set and offers up two bowls of kibble. This year, one bowl is labeled as “Falcons,” while the other notes “Patriots.” Sunday’s big winner is predicted by the bowl that gathers the most puppies.

Watch and see who the puppies are rooting for this year!

According to our cute buddies, the Falcons will be winning this one. It was pretty close, and a few puppies seemed to be a bit indecisive, but the Falcons definitely came out as the clear winner!

Know what else we love about this segment? The puppies have cute names.

And keeping with the running joke, one of those names is — as always — Gary Frick. Fun fact: Fallon actually has a pup named Gary Frick at home, so it’s a pretty sweet shout out.

Credit: NBC

(In this case, it’s Gary Frick Jr., since you can’t expect Gary Frick to stay a puppy for years straight. You’ve got to keep it realistic!)

This segment is just another reminder that if football isn’t your thing, you can always switch over to the Puppy Bowl which plays every year on Animal Planet. No matter what, there’s something for everyone to watch on Sunday night!