Rachel Sanoff
September 15, 2016 12:28 pm
Comedy Central

It’s hard to believe that Broad City has not even been on television for three years, considering the massive cultural impact that the program has already had on comedy in general, comedy for women, bralettes, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

While it certainly feels like the marijuana-fueled misadventures of Abbi and Ilana have been in our hearts forever, Broad City didn’t premiere on Comedy Central until late January 2014. How did we exist for so long without our NYC kweens?!

Comedy Central

Abbi’s caption for the photo — taken in 2013, before the series aired its first episode — reads:

It is a simple picture of Abbi and Ilana celebrating in front of an in-progress mural for their then-upcoming show. But we love the shot because it represents the power soon to be unleashed through their brilliant and creative friendship.

Comedy Central

~Forever grateful for the existence of Broad City~