Bridey Heing
Updated April 29, 2015 1:17 pm

Few people have managed to be so on point about the hectic, crazy, often weird nature of your 20s than Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, creators and stars of Broad City. And while we already loved them for telling it like it is on the regular, they gave us even more reason to high-five them in our hearts on Monday.

Abbi and Ilana were at GildaFest to deliver a speech in honor of Amy Poehler, who had a huge hand in bringing Broad City to the small screen. Can we take a moment to recognize the amount of awesome in just that sentence alone? Abbi and Ilana (love) speaking in honor of Amy Poehler (beyond amazing) at an event founded to honor Gilda Radner (actual comedy hero). So much woman power in one place!

The ladies took the opportunity at the mic to talk about what it means to be a “badass bitch,” and we are loving their takes on the matter.

Ilana had this to share: “So I’m a badass bitch because my friends from home are all getting engaged and married and moving in with people forever and it doesn’t pressure me. It doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t feel that pressure cooker of life choices. I don’t even think about it at all, honestly.”

And Abbi shared this: “I’m a badass bitch because I’m 31 and it’s been made clear to me that 31 is an age where women should — it is, really — it’s been made clear to me that 31 is the age where women should start thinking about freezing their eggs. And I don’t think about it, and I don’t let it pressure me.”

As any 20-something or early 30-something who eschews the roles society would have us think are mandatory can attest, being a badass bitch isn’t always easy. But with role models like Abbi and Ilana — women who aren’t afraid to embrace and stand up for whatever phase of life they’re in — it sure does feel a little easier. Keep doing you, Abbi and Ilana. We love you for it!

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