Karen Belz
February 01, 2017 8:21 am

Some things just go together so well. For example, peanut butter and jelly. Or, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. While Stewart and Colbert might not be the inseparable friends we dream they are, they’re definitely pretty close — and that’s why we’re so happy that Stewart made an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night after a pretty noticeable absence.

In fact, this was the first appearance of Stewart since the Inauguration took place last month. And as expected, his return had a bit of a political angle.

The bit included Stewart, dressed in a comedically poor wig, reading out a few “executive orders” that he had “stolen.” Watch Stewart in all of his glory below:

As you know, Jon Stewart lead The Daily Show for many years. Taking over for host Craig Kilborn back in 1999, he decided to retire in 2015. And while Trevor Noah is doing a good job, he still in the process of filling pretty big shoes. Under Stewart’s reign, the show won countless awards, and was hailed as being a great outlet for political news.

In the clip above, he still managed to bring the funny.


As Stewart pulled out the “executive orders,” he can’t help but laugh. Perhaps it’s because his wig kept falling into his face.


But finally, he got out his first order.

Eventually, Stewart decided to ditch the wig and keep on going.


Even though Stewart put the wig back on in time for the very last “executive order,” we’d listen up even without the ridiculous costume. But Stewart seems to know that with a wig like that, you kind of have to commit. (And while discussing the wig, we dug the shout out that Colbert gave to Stewart’s incredible farm sanctuary project.)

One thing was definitely made clear — We need Jon Stewart back on our television screens, ASAP. Let’s hope he’s willing to take on another television project in the near future, since we truly miss seeing him on a daily basis.