Erin Mallory Long
April 09, 2015 6:00 am

Being a child is a magical thing. You have no control over your life but also nothing to really worry about. (Not that that prevented me from worrying – LOL – I was a very anxious child and adult) But my point is, you have a LOT of time for jokes. And every generation, of course, finds different things hilarious. I grew up in the magical 1990’s and we definitely had a specific sense of humor. Mostly based around anything Bart Simpson would do, tbh.

1. Making the “roll down your window” motion…and asking for Grey Poupon.

The fact that we were so amused by a commercial for mustard is indicative of a MUCH simpler time. I remember believing, truly, that Grey Poupon was THE fanciest and best mustard you could have. And I loved trying to do this voice and get it exactly right. This was also always a good move on a swing set. Or any situation where you could sidle up next to someone. Brilliant.

2. Making the “blast your horn at us” motion to trucks.

Directly related to the first, a mainstay in backseats of cars, this was the best thing to do on a road trip. Your parents wouldn’t necessarily realize you had made that motion at the truck driver so if they did it you felt powerful AND your parents got startled by the noise. An all-over win-win.

(You know the motion right? You kind of put your arm in an L shape and pull down as if on a rope?)

3. Prank calls of any kind

Again, anything Bart Simpson was doing every week was the funniest thing a human being could be doing.

4. “I cup”

So the set up of this joke is “spell icup” and since this was long before Apple used an i for everything that wasn’t even part of it.

So then the other person says, “I see you pee” and then the first person says, “HOW DARE YOU!” or “GROSS!” or whatever. Very similar to the Pen15 Club, actually. But more stupid somehow? Also with less of a shelf life.

5. “Not touching, can’t get mad”

One of the more juvenile things you can do, “not touching, can’t get mad” — referred to as such by one of my favorite episodes of Friends — IS HILARIOUS to do if you have a sibling and/or are on a long car ride or just bored or just waking up or whatever.

6. Telling someone they have something on their chest and flick their face

Ugh this one is super annoying but still hilarious, of course. See also: telling someone their shoes are untied.

7. America’s Funniest Home Videos

Besides the fact that it was hosted by Danny Tanner (I think he sometimes goes by Bob Saget) it just included HILARIOUS videos. I wanted nothing more than to be featured on America’s Funniest Home Videos because, duh, they are America’s Funniest HOME VIDEOS. DREAM.


Truth be told, we submitted a video but it didn’t get picked and I am STILL upset about it.