Caitlin Gallagher
Updated January 17, 2017 1:53 pm
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If you’re an awkward woman with an affinity for the “girly” things in life and feminism, then Jess Day from New Girl is most likely your spirit animal. Yet, even if you aren’t exactly like Zooey Deschanel’s TV character, you probably still find Jess on New Girl super relatable. Sure, empathetic extroverts with zany sides really feel the most connected to Jess, but her antics on New Girl for the last six seasons prove she is a woman of the people.

New Girl has shown many of the ups and downs of adults who don’t quite have the whole adulting thing down yet. That’s what makes Jess so easy to relate to. She has struggled with her friendships, her career, and dating. And fans of New Girl totally understand where she’s coming from — in the good times and the bad.

So whether you love spontaneous singing or not, here are 19 times that Jess was the most relatable person EVER.

1When this was her go-to move for checking out a guy

Hubba hubba!

2When she quoted the Spice Girls

Because friendship never ends.

3When she spilled coffee all over her white outfit

Even Tide to Go can’t help you out of that.

4When her “walk of shame” was disastrous

At least she had her BFF Cece by her side.

5When she failed at the art of seduction

It’s easier said than done.

6When she acknowledged her weirdness

We’re big fans of just embracing the awkwardness.

7When she hid in the bathroom to avoid confrontation

Bonus points for the cookies.

8When she thought she was going to die alone

We’ve all been there — especially during the holidays.

9When she couldn’t hide her crazy

Even the most polished people can unravel.

10When she didn’t appreciate passive-aggressive comments

11When she looked like this while she cried

There’s no such thing as “pretty crying.”

12When she feared for her safety

If you’ve ever done online dating or bought something off of Craigslist, you know the feeling.

13When she took up hobbies to distract herself

When the guy you love is dating someone else, take up woodworking!

14When she was PMSing

Emotions are complex before your period.

15When she needed assistance drafting a text

Texting your ex — even when it’s Nick — is a subtle skill.

16When she embraced some alone time

Extroverted people need getaways every now and then too.

17When she just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift

Sometimes you need intimate, one-on-one time with T. Swift.

18When she indicated her wine preference

After all, pink wine does make her slutty 😉

19When she had to make a tough decision

Because even though Jess Day can be goofy and funny, her emotions are complex and real.

While the social media game of “Describe yourself in 3 fictional characters” has come and gone, Jess Day will always be the only character we ever need.