We’re one step closer to Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why, as filming is officially underway. Oh, happy day!

Christian Navarro — who plays the mysterious Tony, a friend to Hannah (a.k.a. Katherine Langford) who helped ensure her tapes were heard following her suicide — tweeted yesterday that it was day one for the sophomore season, and that he’s “ready to make some magic.” Honestly, we’d expect nothing less. false

Devin Druid, who plays troubled photographer Tyler, went on to retweet Navarro — with a camera emoji, presumably a nod to his character. false

By day’s end, Navarro said that everything had gone well and that, “We are gonna do our best to make something you can be proud of.” false

And today, Navarro wrote that he’s on to day two and already planning to try and sneak all the snacks away for himself. Just when we thought we couldn’t love him more… false

Though production is in full swing, there’s still going to be quite a wait until 13 Reasons Why returns to Netflix (boo! hiss!). Season 2 is expected to stream in 2018, and will differ in quite a few ways.

To ease the pain of the wait, we just ask: Navarro, please keep the tweets, details, and scoop coming — and get your cast mates in on the fun!