People Magazine
Updated November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect occasion to spend time with your loved ones, gorge yourself on leftovers, and indulge in countless hours of uninterrupted television watching. Below are some of the marathons you and your family have to look forward to.

UPtv is bringing back their annual Thanksgiving Gilmore Girls marathon for yet another year, according to Entertainment Weekly. Fans will relive all of their favorite moments from Lorelai and Rory—including that time they ate four Thanksgiving meals—during GilMore the Merrier. During the binge-a-thon, UPtv will air all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls 24 hours a day for 153 straight hours.

GilMore the Merrier is slated to kick off Monday, November 19th at 3 p.m. ET. The episodes will conclude on Sunday, November 25th at 12 a.m. And to make the deal even sweeter, Stars Hollows’ own Luke Danes will host the event! Scott Patterson, who played everyone’s favorite flannel-wearing diner owner, will lead viewers through days of trivia, contests and of course, coffee.

In keeping with another annual tradition, TBS will also be airing a marathon of the beloved sitcom Friends on Thanksgiving from 1 p.m. ET to 5:30 p.m. ET.

But don’t worry movie fans, there’s something for you too. All Thanksgiving day, AMC will be airing the Godfather trilogy, starting at 1 p.m. ET. And if you’re ready to get in the Christmas mood, there is plenty of festive content to look forward to. Freeform’s Christmas marathon has been in full force since the start of November and will pack plenty of treats over Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to a variety of strictly Santa-themed films, there’s also plenty of Disney classics the whole family can enjoy. Freeform’s Thanksgiving Weekend schedule is as follows:

November 22nd

7:30 a.m.: Happy Gilmore

11 a.m.: Mrs. Doubtfire

2 p.m.: Disney’s Mulan

4 p.m.: Ice Age: Continental Drift

6 p.m.: Disney’s Zootopia

8:30 p.m.: Disney•Pixar’s Ratatouille

12 a.m.: The Lego Movie

November 23rd

7:30 a.m.: Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups

11 a.m.: The Lego Movie

1:30 p.m.: Ice Age: Continental Drift

3:30 p.m.: Jumanji (1995)

6 p.m.: Disney•Pixar’s Ratatouille

8:30 p.m.: Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo

12 a.m.: Call Me Claus

November 24th

7 a.m.: Bon Voyage Charlie Brown

Freeform Premiere 8:30 a.m.: Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure

10:30 a.m.: Jumanji (1995)

1:05 p.m.: Disney’s Tarzan

3:10 p.m.: Despicable Me

5:15 p.m.: Disney•Pixar’s Finding Nemo

Double Feature 7:45 p.m.: The Santa Clause

9:50 p.m.: The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

11:55 p.m.: Life-Size

November 25th

7 a.m.: Yogi Bear

8:35 a.m.: Richie Rich’s Christmas Wish

10:35 a.m.: Disney’s Tarzan

12:40 p.m.: Despicable Me

2:45 p.m.: Life-Size

Double Feature 4:50 p.m.: The Santa Clause

6:55 p.m.: The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

Network Television Premiere 9 p.m.: The Truth About Christmas

11 p.m.: Mrs. Doubtfire