Gina Florio
Updated Jul 19, 2016 @ 3:51 pm
Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Kylie’s fooled us all again! Remember how we all thought she chopped off her hair and was sporting a genuine, fresh bob? I do, because I was loving every second of her new look.

Well, get ready to be disappointed. It turns out Kylie never cut her hair off. She’s just got a really clever stylist who’s got a unique talent at duping Kylie fans everywhere. Tokyo Stylez is a professional wig maker who used a wig by Hair Are Us on Kylie, a company that makes all sorts of totally convincing human hair wigs. If you have a look on their Instagram, you can actually see that they actually featured a picture of Kylie wearing one of their wigs as her bob cut. This particular wig was called A Full Lace Indian Wavy.

The secret to making this cut look so real is that it’s got a lace-front style, which means the wig is hand-sewn to a sheer lace base on the scalp. Plus, this wig gave Kylie some baby hairs around her hairline, making it all the more believable.

Since we were all duped, Kylie has been releasing photos of her real-life hair, which is about shoulder length, and admittedly just as gorgeous.

As embarrassed as I am for falling for this harebrained scheme, I can’t stay mad for long. The length she has now is pretty enviable! Slay, Kylie.