Sophia Elias
Updated Mar 19, 2015 @ 11:02 am

Put the cat gifs on pause, folks — because our latest Tumblr obsession is changing the way we see women in the music industry.

Enter female:pressure, the Tumblr that features behind the scenes pictures of women in the studio, on stage, and beyond. Curated by electronic music producer, Antye Greie-Ripatti (otherwise known as AGF), female:pressure “is an international network of over 1300 female artists from 64 countries in the wider fields of electronic music.” The blog was inspired by Björk’s famous Pitchfork interview from last January, where she spoke at length about the gender disparities in the music industry.

In case you need a little refresher, at the time, multiple reports had discredited Björk as a producer on her latest album, Vulnicura. In her Pitchfork interview, Björk suggested that photographic documentation of women working behind the scenes would help rectify the issue: “Just photograph yourself in front of the mixing desk in the studio, and people will go, ‘Oh, OK! A woman with a tool, like a man with a guitar.’ I remember seeing a photo of Missy Elliott at the mixing desk in the studio and being like, a-ha!”

Naturally, Björk endorsed the Tumblr on her Facebook page, giving female:pressure a hefty amount of visibility in its thus far short, two-week life.

The blog features pictures of music-minded women from across the globe. From an all-female radio station in Somalia to the home studio of Kayla Painter in the UK, female:pressure has no shortage of diversity. It even features a few incredible vintage shots of electronic music pioneers like Clara Rockmore, who helped refine the first electronic instrument, the theremin.

Thanks to female:pressure, the unseen and often uncredited women behind our music are getting the visibility they deserve. In fact, users are welcome to contribute to female:pressure by submitting artists through their Tumblr submission page. Check out even more photos on the next page!

To check out even more incredible shots, check out female:pressure immediately!