This dating app claims to bring you closer with your partner — so we tried it out

There are a lot of apps out there for people looking for that special someone, but what happens when you’re already in a relationship? Is it the end of your dating app days? Not if the developers at Happy Couple can help it! The app, which claims to bring existing couples “closer than ever,” aims to fill this tech gap via a “fun quiz-style game” with over 1,200 questions, tips, and challenges. So, is more technology what we really need to modernize our relationships? We tried this app with our loved ones to find out!

How easy was the app to use?

“We both have cheap-o phones so we had some tech issues, but we were committed to this journey of becoming a ‘Happy Couple’ so we troubleshooted the app together over G-chat!” – Q&X.


“So, Happy Couple is a little bit confusing because you answer a question about yourself and then about your S.O. Then, your partner does the same and you see if you guessed the other person’s answers correctly. It’s easy to lose track of who you are talking about. The questions were pretty tame, like, “Where would you like to spend a day?” Even so, my boyfriend admitted that he was nervous we’d get all of them wrong and end up offended.” – C&J.


“I was hoping for less questions about ‘How would your partner react if *insert general normal thing that happens in relationships here*?’ and more like ‘Where is the dream place your partner would want to travel?’ You know, questions that make me learn more about him and spark new conversations. But I guess that would have to be less trivia oriented.” – S&T.

“This app was a little strange, because we matched on some of the answers, but not all of them – a lot of them were pretty vague. Like the question would say ‘How romantic is your partner?’ and I’d answer that I thought he was ‘really romantic’ and he would answer that he thought he was just ‘so-so’ romantic — so, I think a lot of it was very subjective and about self-perception, and ‘matching’ on a question doesn’t really have to do with how well you know each other, but what you think about the other person vs. what they think about themselves.” – R&D.

Did the app bring people closer to their partners?

“The app also made me think that if we didn’t answer the same way, we were somehow less compatible, even though most of the time it was due to semantics (like, he thought the last time we tried something new was ‘around a month ago,’ and I thought it was ‘less than a month ago’).” – S&T.

“We rarely fight, but what if this was the weird app that completely tore us apart? In the end, we DID get most of the questions about each other wrong. But, to be honest, it was really fun to talk about them — my boyfriend even guessed a question that I answered incorrectly … about myself!” – C&J.


“We got so many questions totally wrong about each other! It felt like I easily forget the valuable answer to the last question in this ‘game’ format– and then I’m on to the next question, trying to figure out the conditions of the next conjunctive syllogism about our emotional behavior in a hypothetical situation O.o! But I liked that it challenged us to communicate more intentionally together.” – Q&X.


Final Verdicts:

“Honestly, it wasn’t compelling enough for either of us to remember to do it every day, and we still haven’t really talked about the questions at all.” – S&T.

“I don’t think it really brought us closer together, but we definitely are a ‘Happy Couple’ anyway!” – R&D.

“Happy Couple is frankly really confusing and vaguely anxiety-provoking… But overall, the app asks important questions for good relationships. Perhaps it would take more time with use to see if it helps the relationship as a whole, or if it is just a meta-calibration of what we already know. We got a lot of the questions wrong – it’s like we’re not even dating each other!” (Note: We’re not. We’re actually just close friends.) – Q&X.

“If anything, this was a great reminder that there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect score’ when it comes to relationships. Sometimes love means finding someone with whom you can laugh off your mistakes, ya know?” – C&J.

Overall, it seemed like the Happy Couple app didn’t really bring us any closer in our relationships – perhaps couples don’t actually need a dating app after all?

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