HelloGiggles Team
Updated May 02, 2014

We ❤ Trent Girone. You can feel his excitement and energy through the screen, which is why #TeamTrent was trending this week and why most of us non Wheel watchers were sucked in. Just as we thought he couldn’t get sweeter, Trent posted the following on his contestant page:

I want to thank all of the contestant staff for taking the time to help me, and would like to thanks Pat Sajak for his assistance, as well. I have some physical challenges that they were aware of and they made sure I was safe and comfortable. Trent is a Wheel Of Fortune superfan would not let open-heart surgery, nine brain surgeries, Asperger syndrome and Tourettes stop him from going on his favorite gameshow. Way to go, Trent! You inspire us to go after what makes us happy: