It’s been a long road to recovery for Tracy Morgan. After being involved in a horrific car crash back in the summer of 2014 – which resulted in the death of his good friend James McNair — Tracy is finally ready to get back to work. We are SO thrilled to welcome him. Tracy, we’ve missed you! Tracy made a surprise appearance at this year’s Emmy telecast, but now he’s ready for his big return to comedy. This week, he’s hosting SNL, and we’ve got the first promos for his episode.

Bobby Moynihan joins Morgan for the promos, and they joke about everything. It’s the season finale of the show — or it will be when Morgan’s done with it. Moynihan owes him money! Oh wait, no, shoot, that’s Horatio Sanz from about 10 years ago. Then, Morgan drops one of his classic jokes — he is going to get everyone pregnant! (Including the cornbread from craft services).

These promos give you a warm fuzzy feeling because Morgan’s finally back on his home stage and doing what he does best: Making us laugh. His episode on Saturday is one you don’t want to miss, and the musical guest is Demi Lovato! So seriously, cancel all your Saturday night plans, because you can’t miss Morgan’s return to Studio 8H.

You can check out the promos below and Tracy, welcome home.

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[Image via NBC]