Tove Lo
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It’s about reclaiming the female hard-on,Since announcing her new album, Swedish singer Tove Lo has been teasing Lady Wood‘s accompanying short film, Fairy Dust.

Previewing the mini-movie with the music video for the lead single “Cool Girl,” things looked like they’d be pretty explosive (literally, there was an explosion in the teaser), while exploring the singer’s take on feminism, sexuality, and identity.

Well, now the full Fairy Dust movie is here and things are dark AF.

Those familiar with Tove Lo’s music will know that both lyrically and sonically, the singer doesn’t shy away from the shadows. In fact, she address issues of inadequacy, relationships, love, mental health, drug use, and sexuality head on with a refreshingly frank and honest mind.

Take, for example, the title of her new album, Lady Wood. “It’s about reclaiming the female hard-on,” the singer told NY Magazine, while she also shut down sexism and objectification.

Exploring her lyrical themes in a more explicit and emotional way, Fairy Dust is a dangerous and essential exploration into the wonderful world of Tove Lo.

The Lemonade-esque film was directed by Tove’s creative partner, Tim Erem, and features the actress Lina Esco (Free the Nipple) as the singer’s destructive alter-ego.

The resulting 31-minute clip is a dark meditation on these varying stages of Tove’s life, from the heady excess of partying, the burn out, the pain, and the almost eroticism and fetishization of that lifestyle.

In the opening of the film, Lina Esco gives an emotionally powerful and meditative monologue about insecurities, feminism, societal expectations, and sexuality.

The clip ends with Tove Lo pleasuring herself to a new song (which is amazing), but not before she recites another insightful monologue.

As the clip comes to a close, Tove meditates on her life, and the pressures from a patriarchal society.

Tove Lo has since explained that the clip and the album Lady Wood are, in fact, only the first part of a double album.

Tove Lo’s new album Lady Wood is out now.