Crystal Ro
May 31, 2016 8:50 am
Maisie Williams / Instagram

While Arya Stark was busy reclaiming her identity on Game of Thrones (A faceless man she will not become! We think, anyway.), her IRL alter ego Maisie Williams gave us a brand new look on Instagram that we are in looooove with.

Maisie’s caption read, “Hot mess. Ready for @lstdbristol.” The handle stands for “Love Saves the Day”, a Coachella-like festival held in Bristol, UK.

Is there anything this woman can’t conquer? We know how great her pranks are as well as how naturally talented she is, but clearly she kills it when it comes to fashion too.

The actor nailed this throwback style with her rounded red sunglasses that seriously remind us of Janis Joplin’s iconic look back in the day.

Maisie Williams / Instagram / ABC /

Maisie then rounded out her perfect glam-rock look with a pair of star-shaped hoop earrings and a simple, but amazing black lace choker. She may say she’s a “hot mess,” but frankly we think it’s just 🔥🔥🔥!!!

Keep on killin’ it, Maisie!! 👏👏👏