HelloGiggles Team
Updated May 04, 2016 3:42 am

In Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison’s A Totally Awkward Love Story, Hannah is desperate to finally find The One the summer before she starts college. Instead of finding Prince Charming, however, she ends up meeting a cute and funny guy in a fancy bathroom at a house party — and it’s obvious from the start that the two are meant to be.

Sam, on the other hand, is having the worst summer of his life — until he meets the gorgeous, strange, and hilarious Hannah in a Bond villain bathroom. Unluckily for both of them, neither catches the other’s name; and for the rest of the summer, they end up in a cycle of chance meetings and mishaps that continuously drive them together and apart.

The novel is awkward, delightful, and had us laughing out loud more than once. A Totally Awkward Love Story is one of the most relatable books about love and dating that we’ve read in a while — and it’s definitive proof that an awkward love story beats a perfect one any day. Here are just a few reasons why.

They’re a lot more realistic

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that fairytales and rom-coms set unrealistic expectations for love and relationships. But in reality, finding your soulmate can be an uncomfortable road — and A Totally Awkward Love Story‘s Hannah and Sam are proof of that.

… And definitely more relatable

When it comes to real-life love stories, our experiences tend to skew more towards Hannah’s “Toilet Boy Cinderella” than your typical “happily ever after.” We’ve all met a cute stranger at a random party who maybe-probably-definitely would be The One, if only we could remember their name. So, we can understand Hannah and Sam’s struggle.

Love is hard work, and it doesn’t always come easy

It’s a total myth that when you meet the right person, everything immediately falls into place. Life doesn’t suddenly become perfect just because you’ve found your person — but having to work for your relationship only adds to its value and your strength as a couple. For Hannah and Sam, just getting together proved to be hilarious, near-impossible, mishap-ridden task. We won’t spoil it, but it was definitely all worth it in the end.

Meet-cutes rarely happen in real life

Nowadays, everyone is meeting via apps and dating sites — and the meet-cute has become almost impossible to come by. If you happen to meet the love of your life in a bathroom at house party — like Hannah and Sam — it’s essentially a modern day miracle. (Just make sure to remember to get their name and number!)

People (and relationships) are awkward

Is there anything more awkward than flirting with strangers? We think not. Besides, all humans have baggage, so when two humans with baggage come together, it probably won’t be sunshine and roses 100% of the time. Awkward love stories allow people to be human!

Perfect is boring

What’s the fun in a perfect love story? We’d take something unique over fairytale-flawless any day.

For more proof that awkward love stories trump all, you can buy A Totally Awkward Love Story right here!