If you weren’t watching Ben and Kate, you should start. Just go ahead and watch the shows online or On Demand. Believe me- you will love it! I have pushed this show on coworkers, family and friends. I’ve asked people if they watch the show and one response was “That dude’s teeth! They’re sooo messed up! Why doesn’t he get them fixed?!” For real- that’s an exact response. Well, that’s just insensitive. Nat Faxon is as Penny Hartz would say, “Ah-mah-zing!”

Ben and Kate IS (I refuse to say ‘was’) one of fall’s best new comedies. It sticks out in front of the rest. There are a bunch of quality comedies on right now, including New Girl and Happy Endings, but there is room for one more. The comedy is about Kate, a single mom, raising her daughter Maddie with help from her big bro, Ben. Their best friends, BJ and Tommy, add to their cute family and hilarious story lines.

Here are my top reasons why Ben and Kate is awesome and should stick around:

1. Maddie Fox (Maggie Elizabeth Jones) is the cutest kid on TV. I mean- there are some cute ones out there, but she is thee cutest. Seriously, look at her. Also, her line delivery makes you melt and she has some amazing scenes with fellow cast mates.

2. Kate’s extreme awkwardness. Like even more awkward than Jessica Day (Zooey on New Girl). You thought Jess was awkward? Just wait until you see Dakota Johnson as Kate Fox. She can’t even function around cute guys, authority figures and most recently Tommy (Echo Kellum)’s new girlfriend Lila (Brittany Snow). Words getting jumbled around, randomly hitting people in the arm, popping up out of nowhere, falling down- all so awkward. Even BJ has said, “I don’t know if smoothing over awkwardness is very you, Kate.”

3. BJ. I would just leave it that, but I won’t. Lucy Punch’s character is one of the funniest characters on TV right now. Take my word. She is British and fabulous and extremely entertaining. The combination of her accent and delivery make even her smallest of lines hilarious. And her trying to teach Kate how to do things is perfect; like directing all attention to your mouth or how to make someone your girl friend. I really do laugh out loud at her. People in my apartment building probably think I’m insane.

4. The interactions between BJ and Maddie. BJ always tries to teach Maddie life lessons and then Maddie winds up surprising her. Most recently, she taught Maddie a British accent so that they could audition for a commercial as mother and daughter.

5. Ben’s crying/almost crying scenes. I cry with laughter. Okay, so basically Ben/Nat Faxon is my newest TV crush. It could be his Laird Hamilton-style surfer’s body or just his genuine sweetness. I don’t know. I just love him. (Fun Fact: He has an Oscar in real life for co-writing the screenplay for the film, The Descendants.)

6. The bromance between Ben and Tommy and their crazy inventions they come up with, like bunk bed pizza (It’s like a sleepover in your mouth!) or the aqua lounger! They always support and love each other no matter what.

7. Kate and Ben teach Maddie to drink milk by playing milk pong! And then immediately regret the decision because it means they too have to drink milk.

8. The improv. You never know when actors are repeating lines and just riffing off one another. Lucy and Dakota have said that the show uses a lot of improv and that Nat is the king. He could go on for hours or maybe they said minutes, but it’s still a really long time. In the second episode, the storyline was Kate lying about where she lived, so Maddie could go to a good school. They create an entire background story about Tommy having a twin brother that Kate was with and he died. At the end, Ben and Tommy sang a song about the death. It reminded me so much of Garth and Kat from SNL that I turned to my sister and said, “I bet this was all improvised.” Later at the Ladies of FOX panel, Dakota confirmed. Nat and Echo went on singing and the cast and crew had to hold back their laughter because they didn’t want them to break character.

9. The heartwarming brother and sister moments between Ben and Kate. Showing you that their life can be hectic and crazy, but they’ll always have each other to fall back on.

10. The Apatow family has said that the show is one of their new favorites!

Okay, I’m going to leave it at that. I don’t want to spoil too much. The surprise hilarity that occurs is amazing. So really- I mean it- let’s save this awesome show!

Do you have any favorite Ben and Kate scenes? Please share below. I want to hear them!

Images via Ben and Kate website & facebook.