Rachel Paige
July 14, 2016 1:04 pm
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Loki is back, can you handle this?


Production on Thor 3 has started filming in Asgard Australia, which means that the whole cast and crew have assembled to bring this Avenger back to life. Chris Hemsworth is there, Mark Ruffalo is there (Thor’s BFF for the movie, Hulk, naturally), and as of now, Tom Hiddleston is in the house, too. 


Our Internet Boyfriend has officially reported for Loki Duty, and not only that, he shared a video putting on the ~Loki Wig~ for the very first time, again. It’s part of a video for UNICEFIreland, which Hiddleston is a BIG fan of. Because of course our internet boyfriend is trying to save the world anyway he can.

Hiddleston can’t help but giggle as the wig is fitted onto his head, and we’re giggling, too. Obviously he’s going to need a little bit more hair and makeup touchup before he ascends to the Asgardian Throne, but for right now, this is perfect.


Honestly, if all of Thor 3 was just Hiddleston trying on different wigs, we would still 100% pay $14 to sit through two hours of that. Just a thought, if Marvel is in the market for a Loki spin-off.

Check out the full video below for all the Loki/Hiddleston feels.