Tom Hiddleston’s latest is premiering this weekend at the Toronto Film Festival, so he took to Twitter yesterday to give us a peek of the film. I Saw The Light follows country music icon Hank Williams as he finds fame and struggles with substance abuse, and tackles his difficult relationship with his wife, Audrey.

In the one minute clip Hiddleston shared, we get to see Williams in the studio, recording “Move It On Over,” in 1947. Hiddleston performs all the songs in the film himself, vocals and guitar, studying for months to get the right sound. Clearly the work paid off — his country twang is spot-on!

But we also get a little snippet of Audrey, played by Elizabeth Olsen, telling off some workers fixing up the house. She definitely does not seem like a woman to mess with, and it’s totally easy to imagine her putting her foot down and changing the locks like Williams sings in the clip.

Will this be the next Walk the Line? Only time will tell. But one things for certain, this clip has caught our interest.

I Saw The Light hits theaters November 27!

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