Picture of Tom Hanks Kid Theater on Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon never fails to make us laugh. His segments like Thank-You Notes and Lip Sync Karaoke always have us in stitches. But if you’ve never seen Kid Theater, you’re in for a real treat. Especially because Jimmy’s latest iteration of the segment features Tom Hanks.

Kid Theater goes a little something like this: Jimmy and his guest read short one-act plays written by elementary school kids, while Higgins reads stage direction. The kids are given no instructions or context, just what the title of the play should be. And the results are that special kind of hilarious you can only achieve from the honest, naïve perspective of a child.

Hanks had stopped by The Tonight Show to chat about his new movie, Bridge of Spies. The film is a drama, an old-school spy thriller set during the Cold War. So naturally, during Kid Theater, they read plays titled Bridge of Spies.

The thing is, elementary school kids don’t know what Hanks’ new movie is about. And they certainly don’t know the details of the Cold War era. So when you give seven and eight-year-olds the title suggestion “Bridge of Spies,” they take it pretty literally—and it’s amazing. The one-acts feature such plots as spies arguing over a pair of binoculars, and a rumored new bridge in China made literally of human spies.

Watch the hilarity unfold below — you’ve got to see them for yourself! Sure, they have nothing to do with the actual Bridge of Spies movie, but Tom Hanks’ acting is still top notch.

(Featured image via YouTube)