As if being one of the best actors on Planet Earth wasn’t enough, Tom Hanks just showed one fan that he’s also a pretty cool, hilarious dude — and lucky for us, the evidence is all on the internet.

A fan named Zena Gopal from Toronto, Canada sent “America’s Dad” a fan letter and request for headshots, also mentioning her (very understandable) love for the ’90s musical treasure That Thing You Do!. Gopal had made a bet with friends that she could get a celebrity headshot sent to her the fastest, and figured that the famously game Hanks — who also very recently sent another fan a typewriter and posed with a newly married couple while out jogging in Central Park — was her safest bet, due to his reputation of being responsive to fan mail.

About three weeks later, Gopal received the ultimate early gift for the holidays: a letter from Hanks, a Polaroid of Hanks taking a selfie with a photo of herself she had sent, and, well, whatever she got for winning that bet with her friends.

Hanks’ (hilarious) letter reads,

(The “throw deep” sign off is inspired by the Oakland Raiders. The rest is inspired by — well, Tom Hanks’ weird and awesome brain.)