Ashley Rey
November 26, 2016 12:39 pm
Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Tom Hanks just gave us what we’ve all been waiting for. The actor finally settled the debate about the Bill Murray photo, and the results are just as we thought. In a recent interview on The Graham Norton Show, Tom let the world know that it is not him in the infamous crying photo, but, in fact, Bill Murray!

Of course, we did a little digging for ourselves, finding images from the actual day of the photo. And, to our surprise, spotted in the same orange cap and red jacket as the photo in question is golf enthusiast Bill Murray!

Yep…here’s Bill Murray in a photo on the putting green in Scotland.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Tom and Bill do kind of resemble each other, but we knew that it was the Ghostbusters actor all along.

America’s favorite dad also got candid about his good and bad face-angles while on the show, proving that he’s just like the rest of us!

He then directed the cameramen to zoom in so he could give the audience a closer look to his good, right side.

To be fair we think Nixon was pretty good looking, so Tom’s doing pretty well if that’s who he compares his ‘bad side’ to.

But seriously, we’re so happy the mystery behind the photo was finally solved. We didn’t want another blue and black / white and gold dress fiasco on our hands.