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If you had no idea that today is National Rubber Ducky Day, you’re not alone. We didn’t either, until Hamilton‘s Daveed Diggs sang “Rubber Ducky” for Sesame Street.

Rubber Duckies have been a big deal on Sesame Street for a looong time. Diggs, who starred in the original Broadway cast of Hamilton as both Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, has big shoes to fill. If you need proof of the rubber ducky legacy on Sesame Street, here’s a vintage clip of Ernie singing “Rubber Ducky”:

Also, there’s something about Diggs trying to remember the lyrics wearing a giant bowtie that’s utterly charming. Plus, spoiler alert, Ernie still makes a cameo at the end to finish the song.

There’s even a hilarious video of Rubber Ducky “directing” Ernie and Liam Neeson while they recite the alphabet. Turns out, Ducky is kind of a stickler. (Hopefully, he doesn’t get ‘taken,’ or Neeson *might* not save him.)

Whether you’re taking a bath with a rubber ducky, or just watching Daveed Diggs’ rendition over and over, we hope you have a wonderful National Rubber Ducky Day. Oh, and we definitely know what we’re singing the next time we’re “in the tub with bubblies.”