Karen Belz
May 05, 2016 2:31 pm

There is a movie about Slender Man being made, and it’s pretty terrifying.

By now, you’ve probably heard of Slender Man — he was a creation concocted by Eric Knudsen, known on the SomethingAwful forums as “Victor Surge.” Knudsen penned the character (who is also known online as “Slenderman”) on the popular forum back in 2009 during a Photoshop challenge that asked internet users to take an ordinary picture, and make it scary. Knudsen took two black and white pictures that featured young children, and added a horrifying creature behind them — a tall, thin faceless man that users embraced immediately. Calling him “Slender Man,” he went on to be featured in many works of online fiction, and successfully morphed into a meme. Slender Man became popular outside of the forum quickly, which was a quite a success for Knudsen.

You might also be familiar with the absolutely awful near-fatal stabbing that two young pre-teens tried to commit in the name of Slender Man, back in 2014. After this incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin, more became interested in the impact that this character had, especially among young children. Slender Man’s big goal in life is to murder children and wander the woods, so you’d assume that children would want nothing to do with a character like this. However, the two young perpetrators were trying to become “proxies” to Slender Man, sacrificing a friend on his behalf. While thankfully the victim recovered, it still made national news, adding an extra level of terror to the Slender Man character.

So, obviously the only thing necessary to bring Slender Man to the big screen was time. Screenwriter David Birke took note of his appeal, and began writing a screenplay about Slender Man. According to Comicbook.com, he’s looking to have the film produced in Fall 2016, and released in 2017 (perhaps in time for Halloween?) with the help of Screen Gems, a company controlled by Sony. The writer, who also wrote the film 13 Sins, is currently looking to attach a director to the project. And while this is amazing news for horror fans, it’s terrifying for those who find Slender Man to be extremely creepy.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first film that’ll be made about Slender Man.  Beware the Slenderman, a documentary about the aforementioned attempted murder, premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival this March and is expected to premiere on HBO later on this year.