Let go of what you think people think of you. Make it low on your list of priorities, and never make it a part of your view of yourself.

Never chastise yourself for thinking of an idea or for trying to create something from nothing. Honor the idea as valid and if it's not worthwhile, let it go.

Be able to laugh at yourself and others will see how truly big and confident you are.

Focus on potential before doubt.

Never decide you are above others. Assume you do not know the greatness in them.

There is nothing more attractive and enchanting than authenticity.

Never let pride prevent you from doing anything. Whenever you've been embarrassed or ashamed, rethink of that experience and know that failure is human and beautiful, because you always get back up again.

Be brave about pursuing and expressing your ideas. They are given to you as a gift and you should honor them whenever possible. The more you embrace them the more of them you will have and overtime they will be greater.

Trying your hardest is just as great as winning.

Practice doing things, making things, and using your creative voice. The more you do the things that scare, intimidate, and challenge you the more your life and understanding of yourself will improve. So will your confidence.

Acknowledge and savor beauty around you whenever possible. There is nothing wasted in opening your senses and investing fully in your experiences.

Expect greatness from yourself and from those in whom you see potential. In doing so you will light the path toward it.

Assume you can do absolutely anything you put your mind to. (It's true if you just decided what that thing is.)

Be a fan of things and people and recognize human accomplishments that are amazing. The abilities of others will shed light on the abilities inside you.

Celebrate often. Be thankful, always. And don't feel guilty for time spent being happy.

Remember that money is just money. It's not really worth anything next to those you love.

Invest in your self and your dreams for your future. Have lofty goals for yourself and think of them often. In simply identifying your dream you've already stepped toward it.

Don't take yourself too seriously, ever. Be able to laugh out loud without being self-conscious.

Recall your true spirit as often as you can by maintaining the people and habits that reflect it.

It's always okay to have your thoughts, opinions, and feelings. They belong to you and no one else.

Smile for photos and let go of whether or not you look good. You will better see yourself later.

There is nothing more strong and confident than one who can be vulnerable.

Honor and practice rituals that remind you of something bigger than yourself, whatever that might be.

Do not apologize for being your self.

Try not to have any regrets that involve not saying how you feel or trying something that involves a lot of work.

Know that when you get to know a beautiful person they become the most beautiful person you've ever seen.

Trust that true love exists as do honest people.

Maintain and evolve your family traditions. It will give weight and perspective to the rest of your life and experiences.

Never be afraid of not knowing something. When you keep a habit of learning new things it gets faster and easier.

If you strive to be your best you will become a bright shining light of inspiration in the life of everyone around you.

Life is just as beautiful and full of possibility as you can see it is.

Never feel bad about being confident or talented or good at something. Feel wonderful and happy about it and embrace it.

Live your life like you have no idea how rich and amazing it is yet to become.

Dedicated to my grandfather and one of my heroes, William Bates. He has had a pretty amazing life, and a spirit I aspire to. I hope that one or two of these touch upon something in you too!

Happy Sunday all, xox Sarah

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