Credit: Paramount

If you’re anything like us, you grew up loving everything about Titanic. The movie, Leonardo DiCaprio, the gorgeous costumes and set, Leonardo DiCaprio, the haunting stories of all of the passengers, and oh yeah, Leonardo DiCaprio.

And you probably at some point wished that you could have taken a ride on the ill-fated steamer—of course only if you had a guarantee that you’d make it to your final destination safely.

Well, people, you’re about to get your wish. A replica ship of the Titanic is poised to set sail in 2018, 106 years after the first ship sank to the bottom of the Atlantic. No, this is not a drill. We repeat: THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL.

While this will be as close to identical to the real Titanic as possible, it’s important to note a few major changes—including the fact that the Titanic II will have enough lifeboats for all passengers on board, and additional safety measures.

“The new Titanic will, of course, have modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation, and radar systems and all those things you’d expect on a 21st century ship,” Blue Star Line marketing director James McDonald told the Belfast Telegraph.

But don’t expect the Titanic II’s maiden voyage to head from Southampton to New York. Instead, the new ship will be making its maiden voyage from China to Dubai, so in fairness, there’s little risk for hitting an iceberg.

With a reported 840 rooms and nine decks, the ship will be able to hold around 2,400 passengers and about 900 crew. But—important question here—will we be able to sneak up to the front of the ship to recreate that famous scene? We can only hope. Here’s to making it count.