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Oh, the joys of getting your first bra. You never forget trying on that thing for the first time, even if you try really REALLY hard to erase the memory from your mind. But memories like that stick forever, for everybody, including Tina Fey.

With Sisters opening next week, both Fey and her co-star Amy Poehler are making the talk show rounds. While Poehler has been hanging out stateside, Fey hopped on a plane for a very special, and very hilarious appearance on The Graham Norton Show. And what better place to talk about trying on your first bra, than on the BBC One show, especially when you’re sitting next to Kurt Russell?

Graham, who’s clearly read Bossypants (maybe a few times), asks Fey about her “nerd days” growing up, when she had an awkward haircut and a mom who just wanted to take her daughter shopping for a new bra. But Fey and Mom Fey didn’t head anywhere like Victoria’s Secret for this First Time. Nope. They went to J.C. Penny. Mom Fey also didn’t want to bother with anything like a dressing room, either, and had Little Tina try on a bra, over her shirt, in the middle of the clothing floor.

“I remember my mom taking me to J.C. Penny and trying a bra on over my clothes in the middle of J.C. Penny,” Fey laughs, “And just being like ‘NO, no mommy no!’ There’s no turning back.”

Hey, whatever completely mortifies you as a kid only makes for great comedy material later on in life. Thanks for sharing the best bra story ever, Tina. Check out the video below, where she even acts it out!

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