When SNL returns on September 27th, it’ll be heading into its 40th season; break out the candles for the really big birthday cake (FYI: Chris Pratt is hosting, so get extra-psyched).

In the meantime, the Internet is ablaze with news of this upcoming season’s additions to the cast and writing staff. Last week, we learned that Michael Che will join Colin Jost and his perfect hair at the Weekend Update desk. (Che isn’t exactly a freshman to SNL—he was already a writer, but he’ll be a newbie at the Update desk.)

And, DON’T WORRY. CECILY STRONG ISN’T GOING ANYWHERE. I needed this confirmed for me 15 times as I breathed into a paper bag because I love Cecily. She’s returning as a cast-member where she’ll have more opportunities to appear in sketches and sing amazing songs with Li’l Baby Aidy.

Along with the news of Che joining the cast, a new featured player was announced today, and a few talented young writers joined the show a couple of weeks ago. Two of those writers happen to be ladies. Phew. Liz Lemon would be proud.

It’s a solid new team—poised to make the 40th season of SNL that much stronger. So who are these new additions and where did they come from? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded them up in a neat little list for you.

1. Michael Che, Weekend Updater

Last spring, he left his writing gig at SNL to join The Daily Show, where he worked as a correspondent. Though his time on camera there was brief (he actually only appeared in seven sketches), he’s well known as a stand-up comedian. Hopefully, he’ll stick around SNL for more than just seven sketches, though. When he fills the chair at the Update desk, he’ll be the first African-American do to so (also, not as exciting, this marks the first time two males have anchored the desk together).

2. Natasha Rothwell, Writer

If you’re not as up to date on your SNL breaking news as I am, let me help you out with Rothwell. Last year, executive producer Lorne Michaels held a secret audition to add a new female cast member to the crew. He ultimately went with Sasheer Zamata, but Rothwell was one of the other females in the room. Clearly she did something right, because now she’s part of the writing staff. She comes to the show from the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, where she’s done everything from acting to writing, and directing. Plus, she’s been featured on Nick Cannon’s Wild n’ Out.

3. Alison Rich, Writer

Rich used to write for Billy On The Street. Do you need to know anything else about her to deem her fabulous? If so, here’s the scoop: she won the UCB NBC Diversity Showcase, and then won the IFC “Out of the Box” development deal for her web-series Incognito (which she wrote with Andrew Law, who now writes for Seth Meyers).

4. Streeter Seidell, Writer

First off, how great is his name? Seidell comes to the show from, where he edited the homepage. He was also a writer for the sadly canceled Trophy Wife. He’s also written for Mental Floss, Men’s Fitness, and CosmoGirl. (Supposedly, this is the article.).

5. Nick Rutherford, Writer

Here’s the thing about Rutherford—he and his buddies might be the second-coming of Lonely Island. He’s part of a sketch group called Good Neighbor which also happens to include SNL cast-members Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett, and SNL segment director Dave McCary. Joining the show as a writer only seems to point towards the planets aligning in just the right way, and maybe soon we’ll get the second coming of “I’m On A Boat.”

6. Jeremy Beiler, Writer

This guy already has an Emmy nomination under his belt for Inside Amy Schumer. Along with writing, he’s also appeared as a reporter on The Onion News Network, played a hotel doorman in Men In Black 3, and a computer tech guy in both Blue Bloods and The Blacklist. His screen credits could mean he’ll be a contender to jump behind the Update Desk as a correspondent. Writers have been known to do that, you know. (Right, John Mulaney?)

7. Pete Davidson, Featured Player announced today that Davidson would be SNL’s newest featured player. The 20-year-old New Yorker, kicked off his career at the ripe old age of 16, and really got into the game at 19 when he blew everyone’s minds at the Montreal Comedy Festival. From there, he landed a guest-starring role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine and also appeared on Wild ‘N Out and Guy Code. This morning, Davidson retweeted a warm welcome from SNL, making his upcoming stint official. Earlier this year, during a stand-up routine on Jimmy Kimmel, he joked, “I just turned 20 and it’s over.” How wrong he was.

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