Carly Lane
June 01, 2015 11:12 am

Any time you get to see one of your musical faves in concert, well, we call that a pretty good day. But when you’re pulled on stage and given the opportunity to perform alongside them? Best. Day. Ever. A lot of performers (like Kristin Chenoweth) occasionally invite a fan up to sing with them — sometimes with very surprising results!

That’s exactly what happened to a young woman named Ayanna at the Sweetlife Festival in Maryland on Saturday. She was in the audience watching Kendrick Lamar perform when he asked if anyone wanted to come up on stage to perform his song “m.A.A.d city.” Ayanna wasn’t actually the first pick, Lamar chose another fan to come up first, but it turned out he sort of didn’t know all the words.

After that unfortunate bomb, Lamar decided to pick another fan instead. “For some reason, anytime I bring a young lady up here, they always outdo the men that come up here,” he said. Then Ayanna came up and completely SLAYED. She got the crowd on their feet within seconds thanks to her awesome energy and then, well, she crushed it. Check out her amazing performance below (around the 5:50 mark!).

Can someone give this girl a record deal of her own, like YESTERDAY?

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