Karen Belz
November 28, 2016 6:49 am
The Rock/ www.youtube.com

They might seem like an unlikely duo, but after working together in Disney’s new film Moana, they jumped at the opportunity to do another “project” together. And, that’s how Millennials: The Musical with Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Rock was born. This funny behind-the-scenes mockumentary is just a short glimpse of what we’ll see. The full project launches tomorrow, the 29th, on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s YouTube page.

So, what’s the premise? Well, it started with a vision: Millennials. And, it started with a pitch from a reliable source: a Twitter DM. While we all feel a bit bittersweet about the title (since, Millennials often don’t get a lot of positive cred) the concept is definitely intriguing.

Based on this glimpse of the full project, we know that not all will necessarily go to plan.

The Rock/ www.youtube.com

As we can see, the musical goes through quite a big change before launching on Broadway — almost everything is revised. Of course, watching the video, you might feel a bit of panic — seeing anyone, even a fictional character, feel so unprepared for such a big moment is bound to strike up some feelings.

But, at least we know that the final result (which we’ll see tomorrow) will be pretty hilarious.

Between this and Moana, we have to say — we’re loving everything that Lin-Manuel Miranda and The Rock put their names to. Plus, they seem to have so much chemistry when you watch them interact face-to-face.

We’re hoping that this isn’t the last collaboration between these two talented men!