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Updated September 28, 2018
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After taking our tear ducts to new depths last season, This Is Us promised fans that Season 3 will be a little bit lighter. But considering it’s This Is Us we’re talking about, fewer tears doesn’t mean no tears. The new season premiered on Tuesday, September 25th. And the first episode contained a subtle Season 1 callback that had us reaching for the tissues. Did you notice it?

In “Nine Bucks,” This Is Us finally took us all the way back to the beginning: to the day of Jack and Rebecca’s first date at a carnival. Jack, newly home from Vietnam, was reluctant to open up to Rebecca. He also only had the titular $9 to his name. When it began raining, he had to choose: spend his last $2 on an umbrella, or save it for carnival games? For most people, this would probably be an awkward first date. But since this is Jack and Rebecca we’re talking about, they clicked, and thus began the greatest (and most tragic) TV love story of all time.

However, Jack and Rebecca’s date also secretly contained a small but important detail that you probably missed.

As E! Online reports, you might remember a flashback from Season 1 that finds the Pearsons on their disastrous trip to the pool—the one where Kate is bullied about her weight. She doesn’t have a shirt with her, so Jack gives her a green T-shirt—his favorite shirt, which he got at Daytona Beach and claims has magical qualities. While Kate says her mother “hates” the shirt, Jack tells her the story behind it. He adds that Rebecca couldn’t possibly hate it, because it’s the shirt he was wearing the day he met her.

Well, on his date with Rebecca, buried under his plaid button-up, Jack is wearing…his green T-shirt.

This time we promise we’re crying happy tears!

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But that wasn’t the only detail that left us shook.

The Season 3 premiere also gave us another glimpse into the flash forward timeline, and we saw an adult Tess and an older Randall on their way to see a mystery “her.” Randall called Toby and encouraged him to join them in seeing “her”—seemingly implying that Kate is the aforementioned “her.” However, Cinemablend caught a very easy-to-miss detail that may change everything we know about the show.

During his phone call with Randall in the flash forward, Toby doesn’t appear to be wearing his wedding ring. Which could mean that he and Kate eventually break up. In the present timeline, Kate and Toby are set to begin IVF, even though the odds are stacked against them. The show already teased trouble for Kate and Toby when he decided to secretly go off his antidepressants in an attempt to help their odds and raise his sperm count.

Could Toby’s ring status in the flash forward indicate that the IVF doesn’t work, and the pair ultimately split? Hopefully, we’ll find out more as Season 3 of This Is Us unravels.