Karen Belz
Updated March 28, 2017

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They also have a varying vocal ability. Luckily, this cyclist who sang the Star Wars theme has a pretty solid set of pipes on him. Why was he singing? Well, he wanted to alert the pedestrians that they were in the way, and might get injured. Makes sense.

The video took place on New Year’s Day, when a lot of people were using the Brooklyn Bridge. And not to stereotype, but as it was New Year’s Day, we’re guessing that most people weren’t — uh — the most alert. Not well rested and still over-boozed from the night before, the bike lane suggestion was likely appreciated.

And even if it wasn’t? Well, it’s still funny.

Dubbed the “bike lane hero” by Edwin on YouTube, who presumably was there when it all went down, we’re not sure if the gentleman in question — identified later as Noam Osband — even knew at the time that his tune would go viral. Or, if he was being videotaped. Currently, the video is close to grabbing one million views.

We love the fact that Osband obviously has a song in his heart. Plus, the bike bell is a good addition.

Let this hero serve as a solid reminder to follow the rules, and never walk in the bike lane on purpose. Not just for your safety, but the safety of those around you.