S. Nicole Lane
Updated April 03, 2017

Yesterday, in good April Fool’s fashion, ThinkGeek played a few tricks on theirshoppers. Surprisingly, the company turned a few of last year’s gags into real, buyable products. They claim it’s “no joke,” and have listed the three products that they made real. And that has us wondering if maybe we could be cosplaying as Ursula next year in the Tentacuddle Wrap?

Specifically, this product is advertised as a handmade comfortable wrap that hugs your body with the center tentacle, while the “outer ones just provide additional awesome.”

This twist on the mermaid wrap is 100 percent better as a tentacle-creature.

They even topped off their product description with terrifying warning states that substances in the product may cause “insanity, death, or other reproductive harm.” Nice touch, ThinkGeek.

Naturally, shoppers and fans alike are loving this product idea. And plenty of comments have indicated there’d be demand for this if they ever wanted to actually supply it.

Evidently the Tentacuddle is definitely something that shoppers are wishing for.

The only slight protest is the pricing, which is $39.99. But it’s a small price to pay to look so awesome.

Other items from April Fool’s include the Swim Desk, the Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag, and the Westworld Full Body Snake Tattoo. What pranks did ThinkGeek make real this year? In particular, the Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag ($149.99), the Technomancer 2.0 Digital Wizard Hoodie ($99.99), and the Star Trek U.S.S Enterprise Flying Disk ($24.99).

Even though ThinkGeek has us super sad about “Where’s Barb?” being fake, it gives us hope that the product could be real next year. Only 365 days to go!

To make sure that the company knows that there are serious fans out there who would buy this product, get to kraken! If you email ThinkGeek and let them know how much you want to own your personally knitted Tentacuddle Wrap, you may be one step closer to snagging one for yourself.