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There’s a rumor going around that Lindsay Lohan is engaged and while Lilo’s rep assured Page Six this isn’t the case, one question still lingers: Who is Lindsay’s boyfriend-maybe-fiance?

Alright, here are the basics: His name is Egor Tarabasov, he’s 22 years old, and he’s been dating Lilo for a few months. Let’s see what else we can find…

1. He’s the heir to a multi-million dollar fortune.

Egor’s dad, Dmitry Tarabasov, just so happens to be a Russian millionaire. Russia Beyond the Headlines states that Dmitry casually owns several successful, Moscow-based companies that focus on building materials and rail freight.

2. Despite his family fortune, Egor has worked hard to make his own way in the world.

According to his LinkedIn page, Egor owns his own real estate agency. It’s called Home House Estates and they specialize in “residential property for sales, lettings and investment in the capital’s best addresses and postcodes.” Plus, Egor also owns shares in Russia’s Ivy Bank. He sounds super fancy.

3. Linday’s BF moved to the UK so he could get a top-notch education.

When he was younger, Egor made the decision to become a British citizen. Why? Because he wanted to go to Cass Business School, which is “among the global elite of business schools.” Just for that move, we give Egor an A+.

4. Dina Lohan LOVES him.

Momma Lohan told Page Six, “He’s just a sweetheart. He’s an only child and I just FaceTimed with them and his mom a few days ago. He’s cool and he’s very mature for his age. He’s older than his years. Being an only child and traveling the world educates you in other ways. He’s not about celebrity or anything, which is really important.” DINA APPROVES.

5. Lindsay’s dad thinks Lindsay and Egor are a match made in heaven (despite the age difference).

Egor is 22 and Lindsay is 29. Yet, Michael Lohan assured the world that such a difference literally makes no difference to the lovebirds. Lohan asserts, “He wants things to be in the right place for Lindsay and he’s wise beyond his years.”

6. As for Egor’s character, Mr. Lohan assures the world that he’s anything but spoiled.

“He’s grown up with money but he’s not spoiled,” Michael told Page Six last month. “He’s not the kind of guy to just sit back and spend his money.” Considering that Egor’s dad is basically Mr. Monopoly, it sounds like Linday’s new guy is a hardworking heartthrob.

7. He has already found the key to Lindsay’s heart.

Beneath a shirtless Instagram of Egor, Miss Lindsay Lohan had this to say: “I love him.” Though they may not be engaged, it does seem that Egor and Lilo are headed in that direction.

Should we already be thinking of a celeb couple name? Lindor (like the truffles!)? Egsay? Lior? Okay… we can work on it.