Hello there, it’s your resident ’90s fangirl and apologist, Erin here. This time I come with news that could shake us all to our CORE! (OK maybe not really to our core, but still, it sounds pretty fun.) It’s about The Splat which is basically all you will be watching on TV forever. Read on, I’ll explain . . . or at least I’ll try to, because this is still pretty cryptic.

As all us ’90s kids are getting older, there have been many opportunities to market and exploit our natural desire to reminisce and remember our childhood (think movie reboots, listicles online about toys we loved, the resurgence of chokers). Back in 2011, TeenNick released “The ’90s Are All That” which was a block of programming from our youth and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t DVR it every single night.

This tweet sums up my feelings nicely:

But now, “The 90s Are All That” Twitter handle has morphed into “The Splat” (and, #humblebrag, follows me on Twitter). But what exactly IS The Splat? Such a good question.

Here’s what we know: There’s a video on YouTube affiliated with The Splat that basically teases all our fave ’90s cartoon shows (like Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, CatDog . . . ). Additionally, the website has no info except for a prompt to follow them and see what’s up! According to Entertainment Weekly, The Splat is a throwback programming block coming in October, but it seems like a lo-ot of branding work if this is nothing more than a programming block. We have hopes that this might be something bigger.

Check out the Twitter page for more fun photos (like the main image) and tell me if you have any guesses as to what The Splat might be. (I’m secretly hoping they’ll finally ask me to be on Legends of the Hidden Temple but whatever.) I’m also hoping that Gak (remember Gak?) makes a comeback. Splat and Gak sound a lot alike don’t they? But, I digress.

[Images via The Splat and Facebook]