Lauren Saccone
Updated Sep 10, 2017 @ 1:20 pm
Picture of SNL Sketch
Credit: NBC

It looks like Amazon is making a big play for streaming dominance in the digital world. The service has greenlit a bunch of new television shows, from epic dramas to playful comedies. But we have to confess, the one we’re most excited about right now stars two of our favorite former Saturday Night Live performers, and promises to be a hilariously bizarre comedy experience.

Amazon ordered a new Maya Rudolph/Fred Armisen comedy!

We can’t wait to see what they come up with. Both comedians are famous for their impressions. Rudolph impersonated Rachel Dolezal, Beyoncé, and a bread-loving Oprah Winfrey, among many others. Armisen was famous for his Barack Obama and Prince.

Aside from starring in the show, the SNL alums will executive produce and write as well. We don’t know much about the plot of the still-untitled half-hour show. But with such serious comedic power behind it, we’re sure it’s going to be a total riot — and serve as a major win for Amazon in the ongoing streaming content wars.

These two were an unstoppable dynamic duo back in their SNL days.

They appeared in countless silly sketches together.

Not that they’ve been resting their comedic laurels, of course. Rudolph starred alongside the delightfully entertaining Martin Short for a season on NBC’s Maya & Marty. The clever variety show combines celebrity appearances, comedy sketches, and live musical numbers, making for a seriously good time for all.

Meanwhile, Armisen has been wrapping up the final season of the critically acclaimed and beloved comedy series Portlandia.

We can’t wait to see what zany ideas Armisen and Rudolph manage to cook up in their new endeavor!