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Updated Mar 31, 2016 @ 9:41 am
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(YEARENDER 13) O.J. Simpson looks at a new pair of
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In the past few months, it feels as though we’ve seen O.J. Simpson’s name everywhere —and this is mostly because of Ryan Murphy’s new series American Crime Story (this season focuses on the O.J. Simpson trial). However, this is one headline we definitely didn’t see coming: A new docuseries will soon try to prove that Simpson is innocent.

Even more surprising: it will be produced by Martin Sheen, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

In early 2017, Investigation Discovery aims to release a six-part series called Hard Evidence: O.J. Is Innocent, which will look at the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman from a completely different perspective. For the most part, this viewpoint will come from William C. Dear’s novel OJ Is Innocent and I Can Prove It.

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Dear is a private investigator who has spent two decades looking into the O.J. Simpson case. Along the way, he allegedly collected new evidence and a new theory relating to what actually occurred the night Brown and Goldman were brutally murdered back in 1994. “I’ve never even met OJ Simpson, but when you’re innocent, you’re innocent,” Dear told The Telegraph in 2014. “This case is one of the most famous cases of the 20th century, and now we need to know what the real truth is. There’s no need to spit on a man when he didn’t do it.”

According to Investigation Discovery’s president Henry Schleiff, Dear’s case is pretty compelling. “Like most others I had always believed that the evidence showed that [O.J.] did it,” he said, according to E! News. “I went into this with a tremendous amount of doubt and cynicism, but this is so amazingly convincing that when you do connect the dots and look at the new evidence, it made me accept the fact that O.J. is innocent.”

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It seems that Schleiff wasn’t the only one captivated by Dear’s hard work because Martin Sheen (you might recognize him in acclaimed films such as Apocalypse Now and The Departed) has also involved himself in the project as executive producer.

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Overall, he hopes this new program will address three major questions: “What if there were enough evidence that proved O.J. Simpson did not murder his ex-wife Nicole or Ron Goldman? What if the real killer were still at large? And finally, what if a grand jury convened to reconsider the case based on new evidence?”

Considering that we now have American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson (you can catch the season finale next Tuesday, April 5th on FX), it will be very interesting to see the other side of the spectrum. Just think of all the compare/contrast lists we’ll be able to make!