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Updated September 23, 2017

Between the massive Equifax data breach and a round of suspicious emails from Amazon, it seems that hacks and scams are becoming more and more frequent these days.

The latest scam is coming to Netflix customers via email and targeting their bank information. According to a writer at the Guardian who received the scam himself, an email from the address appeared in his inbox saying that his Netflix account was placed on hold because of a problem with his payment information. The email contained a link to a fake Netflix page that then prompted him to input his payment information, under the premise of correcting it.

A screenshot of the email itself shows the headline “Account Disabled !” under what appears to be the Netflix logo, followed by this message:

“Dear User, We’re having some trouble with your current billing information. We’ll try again. But in the meantime you may want to update your payment details. During the next login process, you will be required to provide some informations like (billing info, phone number, payment info).”

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Underneath the message, users are directed to a button that reads “login now,” that directs them to a fake page on the site. false

According to many on social media, including the Guardian writer, the email appeared very similar to official Netflix communication, and could easily trick users who are unaware of the scam. false

So far, reports of the scam have only surfaced in the United Kingdom, but Netflix users should be wary of any similar communication they appear to receive.