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The good ‘ship “Captain Swan” has been through quite a bit together throughout the past few seasons of Once Upon a Time. At first, like many of the best fictional romances, they were straight-up enemies – Hook wasn’t a good dude, by any stretch of the imagination. Slowly but surely, Hook fell for Emma (and Emma fell right back), leading to what’s arguably one of the greatest first kisses in the history of TV – or at least on Once Upon a Time.

I mean, honestly – can you even, with a first kiss like this? Because I can’t even. Not one bit.


Once the two were firmly together, it wasn’t smooth sailing (ha!) by any means. They’ve had to deal with taking down multiple Big Bads intent on destroying Storybrooke, each of the two of them separately turning evil as Dark Swan/Dark Hook, Hook literally dying after Emma was forced to kill him, and a rescue mission to the Underworld (which technically completely failed). In the end, though, Captain Swan made it to Season 6 in one piece, totally committed to each other and ready to start their lives – they even moved in together!

Unfortunately, “Street Rats” seemed to set in motion a series of events that just might collapse their relationship.

Emma revealed to Hook and her family that she’d had a vision of her death – which was, in itself, a good thing. She’s opening up and sharing, finally! Yay, right?

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Not so “yay,” alas.

Emma was thrilled to discover that Aladdin, another Savior, might still be alive, theoretically disproving Hyde’s claim that all Saviors die prematurely. After a brief fake-out where it seemed that Aladdin was, tragically, dead, it was revealed that he had survived – but he’d done it by severing his Savior destiny, using a pair of scissors previously owned by the Fates and given to him by Jafar. Yikes.

So, apparently, the only known way to escape Emma’s dark impending fate would be for her to give up her Savior destiny and powers – something Emma, being a hero and all, was fully not willing to do. Of course, she wasn’t willing to go down without a fight. She told her family that she wanted to find a third option, something other than giving up her Savior status or dying. But in the meantime, she requested Hook toss the plot-device scissors into the deep blue sea, where no one could get to them and use them against her. Which he claimed to do. Except he totally didn’t.

With the apparent intent of using the scissors on Emma to keep her alive, should her quest for a “third option” fail, Killian only *pretended* to get rid of the scissors. Instead, he kept them, not telling Emma.

They then proceeded to decide what takeout they’d be getting that night. As you do.

That Hook would do this isn’t any big surprise. He’s not willing to let Emma die, even if it means going against her wishes. I doubt that he would use the scissors on her against her will, but it seems likely that he wants to keep them around, as a back-up option. In a lot of ways, it’s a smart parallel to what Emma did back in Camelot, when Hook was about to die – she turned him into a Dark One, which she knew he’d hate, simply to keep him alive.

In any case, we really hope that Emma *does* figure out her third option – and that Hook’s secret doesn’t wreck the trust these two have built between them.