Kenya Foy
Updated Jul 22, 2016 @ 10:20 am
Credit: @travbeachboy/Instagram

Another glorious day of perusing the internet brings yet another interest we devote our time to that should embarrass the hell out of us but doesn’t. Nah, there’s absolutely no shame in our game, so we’re just going to come right out and say it: a hot guy working out with his cat on Instagram has literally brought time to a standstill. If you think you don’t give a hell about Canadian model/actor Travis DesLaurier getting his cardio on with the company of his cat, then immediately re-prioritize and get into this dude’s Instagram feed. *shamelessly clicks follow*

In case you need an explanation as to why this is required viewing:

  1. He’s a model so the pics obviously slay
  2. There’s a super cute back story about DesLaurier and his cat and we all know how images are necessary to enhance the experience.

First things first, though: DesLaurier’s face-serving game deserves a moment of silence:

Here’s DesLaurier and his cat being adorable. Oh yeah, and workin’ on their fitness:

DesLaurier gushed to Buzzfeed about his 20-lb. cat Jacob, saying, “I needed some type of unconditional love so I said to myself ‘self, let’s get an orange fluffy soft kitten.'” Aw, pet owners know this love of which he speaks and it is the truly the antidote to feeling sucky. Also, if you’re worried that Jacob isn’t into the workouts, his owner says he doesn’t mind. We’re guessing Jacob engaged DesLaurier in some sort of deep cat conversation before they began sharing their bonding workout sessions with the world.

One thing’s for sure: they’re definitely major #fitspo.