If you can’t get enough Gloria Steinem in your life (I know I can’t), good news: HBO is creating a miniseries called Ms. about her life. Even better news? The amazingly talented Marisa Tomei just signed on to play the feminist icon.

Best known for her work in movies like The Wrestler (for which she was nominated for an Oscar) and My Cousin Vinny (for which she won an Oscar), Tomei is an amazing choice pick to take on the whirlwind life of the journalist and social activist. She’s starred opposite big-time stars like Ryan Gosling, Steve Carrell and Diane Keaton, so she’s already proven she can hold her own on the big and small screen and also? Marisa Tomei is just radically cool.

The miniseries will zoom in on 1971, when Steinem co-founded Ms. Magazine and changed the lives countless women who could now read stories that accurately reflected their lives. In case you need a reminder of just how badass Steinem is, before founding the magazine she went undercover as a Playboy bunny for a year simply to reveal the exploitation of the work environment.

Steinem founded Ms. to give women a space to share their concerns and priorities, in an environment controlled by women. And women leaped at the chance to see themselves accurately represented in the media—the first issue of Ms. printed 300,000 copies and sold out nationwide in just three days.

Some incredible talent is working to make the miniseries as powerful as possible, including George Clooney as part of the executive producer team. Tomei will also executive produce the project, along with fellow star Kathy Najimy from Veep, who will play Steinem’s best friend and member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Bella Abzug. Steinem herself is also serving as a consultant, so we can trust that the portrayal will be true-to-life.

It’s been four years since the 2011 HBO documentary Gloria – In Her Own Words was released, and it’s safe to say we’re ready for another eye-opening lesson in feminist history.

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