Jill Layton
March 18, 2015 2:15 pm

If there’s anything we continue to learn from Reddit, it’s that humans in general are ridiculously talented and full of weird and amazing ideas — and a lot those weird and amazing ideas happen in subreddits. For those of you who aren’t up to speed with Reddit terminology, a subreddit is one of thousands of sub-communities focused on specific topics. They’re not always worth sorting through, but sometimes they really, really are. Ready to enter your new favorite Internet k-hole?

Photoshop Battles, one of the most addictive places to be on the Internet, is kind of awesome. You will probably never not want to be scrolling through Photoshop Battles because this subreddit is so ridiculously rad and strangely hilarious. In Photoshop Battles (PsBattle), Redditors post an image of something (usually that something is in some sort of awkward or strange position), and other users Photoshop the image into amazingly fantastic situations that make us LOL on the regular.

So, what started this most recent, epic battle? A cat. Well, more specifically, a Redditor who posted a photo of a cat. User Rise-Kujikawa posted this image of a cat sitting in a weird position and the Internet did its part and reimagined it in wild, wonderful ways, using Photoshop.

The way this cat was sitting was weird enough for hundreds of people to respond with Photoshopped images of their own take on what else the cat could be doing, aside from sitting on the floor in the safety of his or her home. And because the people of the Internet are crazy good at being artistic and competitive, the subreddit thread has turned into a Photoshop duel of epic proportions.

Check out some of the hilarious and worldly situations the cat poser has found himself in:

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