Almie Rose
January 17, 2013 7:00 am

I don’t really do “cool” things. So many creative people have so many projects that they’re working on that they pour their time and souls into and I’m saying, “Hey you guys, I wrote a top 10 list about best outfits in Disney movies!!! On an internet!” (I did, here it is.) So when I hear about people being brave and throwing themselves into passion projects and doing whatever it takes, I’m interested. (I’m totally proud of that list though.)

There’s a lot of things that come to mind when you think of the hallowed Sundance Film Festival, but “Pee Wee’s Playhouse On Acid” is probably not one of them. Yet that’s how LA Weekly described “The Breakfast Show with Adam-O,” a live show for both children and adults.

And for the first time ever, they’re doing a live show at Sundance. In a Yoga Studio.

Oh, and they encourage you to wear knitted beards and/or mustaches, and there will be a prize for best knitted facial hair.

And there’s a character who is a sort of David Lynch impersonator. More like an homage to David Lynch: David Lunch, World Famous Storyteller, arch nemesis of Adam-O.

And then there’s a puppet rock band, made by Nicole Daddona, a one woman Jim Henson powerhouse.

“This is gonna be really HIPSTER KIDS show! OF ALL TIME!”, shouts Adam-O, similar to the way the African chant begins “The Circle of Life” in “The Lion King.” He’s being tongue-in-cheek. I think. I’m pretty sure. I have no idea. He’s riding a horse.

“The Breakfast Show” is one of the weirder shows in LA, and that’s really saying something. There’s stuff that goes on around here that sounds like one of Stefon’s clubs. The show has a cult following that includes actor Bob Odenkirk (of “Breaking Bad” and “Mr. Show”) and Tenacious D, both who have made guest appearances. Here’s an appearance from one of their favorite guests, Bob Odenkirk, as  “The Old Man From The Future.”

So basically, “The Breakfast Show” is a show for kids for adults or maybe it’s for adults for kids. Whatever it is, there’s lots of colors and things to look at and you’ll probably leave feeling just so young and so free and so breezy.


The Breakfast Show with Adam-O! Live At Sundance!

Park City Yoga Studio
1662 Bonanza Drive Park City, UT 84060

(435) 655-9642

All Shows are FREE  *Limited Seating. *Special Guest TBA.

Show Dates & Times:

January 19th 6 o’clock & 8 o’clock 
January 20th 8’o’clock 
January 21st 8 o’clock 
January 22nd 8 o’clock 

Photo credit: Nicole Daddona, Onionskn Media.