We love a good reunion, and it seems like 2015 is chock full of them. From That’s So Raven and the Kenan and Kel Good Burger revisit earlier this week (I’m personally still recovering) to buzz about a potential Can’t Hardly Wait reunion, we kind of can’t get enough.

But some of the big dogs are coming out to play now. And by big dogs we mean the stars of the 1979 cult gang classic The Warriors, who came together on Sept. 13 to recreate their film characters’ final subway ride home to Coney Island for a fan-fueled celebration of the movie.

“These subways are different than they were in 1978,” Michael Beck, the actor who played The Warriors’ leader Swan, told Rolling Stone.

And at the actual event, throngs of fans dressed in “gang” attire were waiting to greet the stars, who are still friends to this day – 36 years after the film premiered.

“I just love being here with all the fans,” Beck added. “I see kids coming here, eight years old, and I go ‘How do you even know about this movie?’” Because it’s a classic, Mr. Beck! You’re never too young for great film.

The video of the subway ride that shows Beck and his fellow Warriors taking the ride this month is cut with parallel scenes from the movie to show just how much has changed and how much hasn’t. Obviously these guys are older, but their camaraderie (and coolness) is still so apparent.

Check out The Warriors’ “Last Subway Ride Home” below for all the nostalgic feels.

(Image via Paramount Pictures)