This season of The Walking Dead has been insane, and if you haven’t watched it yet or aren’t caught up, maybe skip this post which is chock full of spoilers from last night’s show. If you’re all caught up, read on so we can collectively “gah” over everything that’s gone down.

Every episode has left us with way more questions than answers. But no question has loomed larger in our minds than the fate of Glenn, who we last saw being devoured by zombies.

Or was he? As soon as that cliffhanger episode aired, fans started questioning whether or not he was actually dead, with some speculating that given the angle of the shot, we couldn’t be sure Glenn was being eaten — which, yes, passes for possible good news on The Walking Dead. Others pointed out that Glenn doesn’t die like that in the comics, which isn’t a hard and fast verification that he’s still alive given the show’s deviation.

But when we recently got word that Jeffrey Dean Morgan had been cast as Negan, the leader of a rival group who, let’s just say, has a key scene with poor Glenn in the comics, it seemed like maybe we weren’t getting our hopes up for nothing.

And last night, we finally learned the truth…

Glenn survived! *Breathing huge sighs of relief.*

Yup, everyone’s favorite pizza delivery boy hid out under the dumpster! Just as fans thought, it was Nicholas we saw being eaten, giving Glenn the chance to scoot to protection. Yay, Glenn!

“I feel relieved. I feel very grateful. I feel so amazed at the response. I feel bad that I couldn’t say anything to everyone and family and friends. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost friendships along the way. But yeah, it’s kind of been overwhelming. I didn’t even really know how to take it all,” actor Steven Yeun, Glenn’s alter-ego, revealed after the show on Talking Dead. “I think it proves that this world still can take that story of the good guy winning sometimes.”

Of course, surviving the zombie horde is only part of staying alive on the show, and fortunately Glenn is immediately face-to-face with Enid, who left Alexandria during the Wolves’ attack. And upon getting back to Alexandria, they find that it’s surrounded by Walkers. Not a great welcome home.

So what’s next for the now-very-much-alive Glenn? A sweet reunion with Maggie, learning he’s going to be a dad and helping Rick run Alexandria? Or, is something way more sinister lurking on the horizon? Oh Walking Dead, you never let us get comfortable.

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