As Americans, I think it’s in our DNA to love accents – especially British ones. We also love pop music. If you mix the two together, we get great results like One Direction and the Spice Girls. The newest British pop imports are The Saturdays, and they’re planning to take over by launching their new E! reality series, Chasing The Saturdays on January 20th! I recently got to speak with the ladies in The Saturdays, and I’m so excited to add this show to my E! roster.

First off, The Saturdays consists of Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa and Rochelle. They’re all super chill girls you’re going to love watching. They’ve been a girl group for five years and have made it big in the UK, even selling out their last arena tour. When you’ve made it big at home, the next big step is to skip over the pond and come to America! They’ve made Los Angeles their home to record their newest album. Although living in LA has its perks (like In-N-Out Burgers, which the ladies love), they miss their friends and families, as well as the British food. Although Mollie loves the waffles we make in the US, she does miss the baked beans and traditional English breakfast.

Four out of the five girls are in relationships, which is tough on all of them. Una had to leave behind her baby and husband Ben Fodden (Google him, because he’s hot), and Frankie is currently dating UK soccer star Wayne Bridge (look him up, too, because he’s a tall, manly stud). Rochelle is married to boy band, JLS alum Marvin Humes, but The Saturdays and JLS won’t be crossing the musical streams! Rochelle said she doesn’t like mixing business with pleasure. Vanessa and her boyfriend have some tough times, which means she goes out with her girls to take her mind off things. Lastly, Mollie is the single one in the group, and having dated both UK and US guys, she said US guys are “more open,” whereas UK guys are “more shy and reserved.” See, boys on both sides of the world have their good and bad attributes!

Being on E! and premiering after the Kardashians means huge exposure to Americans for The Saturdays. What’s their ultimate goal? World domination, of course! Just like their inspiration, the Spice Girls, The Saturdays really want to do an arena tour in the States and have their American fans get to know them and enjoy their music. One thing is for sure – just because they’re in the US and have cameras following them, the girls aren’t changing. They’re still the same girls who love performing and love to be themselves. Just like our readers, they love getting their nails done and relaxing with friends. Also like us, they love Kate Middleton! But let’s be real, who doesn’t?

Anglophiles and pop music fans, it couldn’t be easier to be a fan of The Saturdays already. Their first single in the US is “What About Us”, and features Sean Paul, so it’s going to be upbeat, dancey and perfect for your workout playlist, or your bedroom dance party playlist. Check it out! Remember to tune in January 20th at 10 PM ET/PT to watch these ladies be awesome!