Rachel Paige
Updated Apr 20, 2015 @ 11:13 am

Think you’ve got space in your heart for one more blockbuster this summer? There’s a brand new trailer out for Fantastic Four and it looks, well, fantastic. The trailer gives us a lot more plot, and our first look at the movie’s villain, Dr. Doom. He’s got the hood and his trademark silver-ish armor to boot, making him look all kinds of terrifying. With a name like Dr. Doom, you know he’s here to cause trouble. Good thing Mr. Fantastic is here to save the day.

If it’s hard to keep track of every single Marvel hero out there, here’s the quick setup for Fantastic Four: Reed Richards (Miles Teller), Sue Storm (Kate Mara), Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan), and Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) are just ordinary people (also, that cast *swoon*). But, after a science experiment goes wrong — teleporting to other dimensions is so unpredictable — they end up with strange and exciting powers. In the comics, Reed can stretch to insane lengths, Sue can turn herself invisible (also, force fields), Johnny can set himself on fire, and Ben becomes, well, “The Thing.” Those powers transfer over to film, and the trailer shows us exactly what happens when the four of them return to Earth. And what do you do on Earth with new found superpowers? Try and save the world, of course.

One big Fantastic Four question that still needs answering: will the gang’s catchphrases transfer from page to screen? Will Johnny yell, “FLAME ON” before bursting info flames? Will Ben yell “IT’S CLOBBERIN’ TIME” before smashing things to pieces? These are pressing questions for Fantastic Four fans. I need at least 2-3 “FLAME ONs.”

Also, feel like it’s really important to note that Fantastic Four is a mini House of Cards reunion. Sue’s dad, Dr. Franklin Storm, is played by Reg E. Cathey, better known as Freddy from Freddy’s BBQ.

Then of course, there’s Kate Mara:

Do you think Mara and Cathey talked a lot about the Underwoods on set? Just wondering.

Go ahead and pencil this movie in for late summer. Fantastic Four opens on August 7th.

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