Son of a bench — this list of “The Good Place” puns is forking amazing


Warning: major spoilers for The Good Place ahead.

By now, we know that the so-called Good Place isn’t actually good. But there are still plenty of things to love about it, like Eleanor’s cutely-censored curse words, Tahani’s flawless style, and the masterful use of puns.

Last night’s episode of The Good Place featured some seriously next-level food puns.

We’ll be honest, we’re still sort of processing the Season 1 finale of the show, because it completely blew our minds. But we’re ready for more crazy twists to leave us utterly speechless. Oh, and puns. Lots of puns.

In the episode, titled “Dance Dance Resolution,” Ted Danson’s Michael rebooted the neighborhood hundreds of times because Eleanor kept figuring out his secret. Every new attempt was packed with clever wordplay.

According to The Good Place creator Mike Schur, every pun came from the brain of writer Megan Amram.

Amram wrote last night’s episode and apparently turned in pages and pages of puns with her first draft.

“There’s a sequence where you see the restaurants go from pudding restaurants to sushi restaurants to Indian restaurants or whatever,” Schur told Vulture of last night’s episode. “This is not an exaggeration: Megan, in that section of the script, included a giant paragraph full of puns for different kind of names of different kinds of ethnic restaurants. I think it went on for six or seven pages.”

The winning names that appeared in the episode include Knish From a Rose, Cruller Intentions, and You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food. Fortunately for us, she shared some of the others that didn’t make the cut last night on Twitter.

Holy forking shirtballs, they’re SO punny.

We can’t believe this is just the abridged list! It’s nearly impossible to pick a favorite, but we love Udon Own Me, The Strudel is Real, and Seaweed Rabbit — Chopsticks Are For Kids. How does she come up with these?!

Schur says the art of the pun is just second nature for Amram.

“If Megan doesn’t make a pun every 37 minutes, her brain will overheat and her head will explode and she’ll die,” Schur continued. “That’s the only possible explanation for how many puns Megan makes out loud and on Twitter every day.”

We’d be totally down for an entire episode of puns. Just saying.

“Anytime you see something like that [on the show], the chances are pretty good that Megan is the one who came up with it,” Schur said. “If she were in the X-Men, her superpower would be making puns.”

Keep the forking amazing puns coming, Megan.

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