Lisbeth Salander is back, and she’s madder than ever. The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which stars Claire Foy as the titular heroine, hits theaters on November 9th. But before the movie comes out, we have some exclusive unseen footage that you’re going to want to see. In the video above, Foy discusses Lisbeth’s state of mind going into the film.

“Lisbeth is a bit of a vigilante,” Foy says. “Justice is not something that she thinks is ever served.”

The footage shows her getting revenge on an abusive man, plus more high-octane action scenes than we can count, including a deadly explosion, a face-off on a bridge, and a motorcycle escape across a frozen lake. As the clip states, Lisbeth is “the girl who hurts men who hurt women.” She believes that revenge is a dish best served scalding hot. She hunts down men who abuse women and makes them pay dearly for their actions. Lisbeth is a survivor of abuse and will not be silenced—and she’s exactly the voice we need in this political climate. She doesn’t always make the smartest decisions, but as a character, she’s so satisfying to watch.

“[Lisbeth], for a long time, had something to fight against. We sort of find her, in this film, pretty lost,” Foy continues. “She knows that she’s not accepted by society, and she doesn’t care. She’s stronger than she looks. And she doesn’t play by the rules.”

The Girl in the Spider’s Web is based on the fourth novel in the Millennium series.

The first three novels, including The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, were penned by Stieg Larsson. After Larsson’s sudden death, David Lagercrantz took over the series. The Girl in the Spider’s Web is the second American film adapted from the books. It’s not exactly a sequel to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but rather a much-anticipated reboot of the series.

It would be easy to call Lisbeth a poster girl for #MeToo, but Foy disagrees with that assessment. While Lisbeth’s story is timely, it’s been around for years. The difference is that now, people are paying more attention.

While Foy isn’t as hostile as her character, she understands where Lisbeth is coming from.

For more of Foy in action, watch the trailer for The Girl in the Spider’s Web below.

The Girl in the Spider’s Web hits theaters on November 9th.