Rachel Paige
April 15, 2015 2:42 pm

Here’s another case for not believing everything you read on the Internet. But believe this: Dennis Quaid did not recently go on a foul-mouthed rant and storm off a set. The dad from The Parent Trap/Day After Tomorrow/The Rookie could never do something like that. It was all a big joke, and a pretty hilarious one at that.

If you’re like “wait, what are you talking about” and are late to the whole “Dennis Quaid angry tirade” story, here’s what happened: a “leaked” video of Quaid yelling on set started making its way around the Internet. In the video Quaid yells some super NSFW language, and then yells a very inappropriate nickname at a crew member. The video caused a whole lot of people to freak out, and then people started asking super legit questions like: “Did this really happen?” And, “Is this just a really elaborate joke?” See, we’re getting smarter at guessing what’s real and not real on the Internet.

Quaid’s rant bore a striking resemblance to a Jimmy Kimmel prank, but Kimmel was quick to say that it wasn’t him (“You play 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore!” Kimmel joked). So if it’s not Kimmel, and we’re still betting on the fact that it’s not real, then who was behind it?

Turns out, Funny or Die set the whole thing up. And the full-length video is even better than the initial “leaked” outburst. The longer version is hilarious, which means Funny or Die gets the gold star for the day. It also looks like they might be creeping in on Kimmel’s prank territory, but that is totally a showdown we’ll support.

You can check out the whole video on Funny or Die’s website, and another language warning because it is super NSFW. But it’s really hilarious. Also, there’s a basket of kittens!

Image via here.